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Need someone to optimise my server (PAID)

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I have a dedicated server using Centos 7.6, Maria, WHM, cPanel and IPS v4.4.4 with domains being managed by CloudFlare. The server specs are Memory 32GB, E3-1240 V6 @ 3.7Ghz and 2 x 1TB (SSD).

I am looking for someone who can tune my whole setup to get the best performance possible out of it all including server and the way I have IPS installed.

This is a paying job if anyone can do a great job in doing this for me...thanks

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Thanks Adriano however I have tried him some time ago to actually set the server up but at the last minute something came up and he couldn't do it. It has been 6 months now and I have sent him PM's and even tried skype but he doesn't reply.

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Hello ibaker

Yes it is true as i was ready to do that job but a last minute personal issue didn't help 😞

I apologize on that.

Now my schedule is really tight and i am not able to help until the end of August ....

I am sorry 😞

I can advice you on what to do and how to do it but i really don't have the time to do it .....

Thanks Adriano for the recommendation...

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