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(DP44) Ban from Topic


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1 hour ago, DawPi said:

What mod version did you installed on your ips 4.4?

was rebuilding my site and had to re-installed plugins, i  clicked on the 4.4  version and download a fresh ban from topics download.file

My plugin details  info are (10008)

Did it give me the wrong one ?

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On 10/22/2020 at 1:40 PM, DawPi said:

Use proper 4.4.10 version and let me know. If problem occur again, send me your access details on PM.


On 10/22/2020 at 9:15 PM, bearback said:


sorry to bother you again but the issue i reported with my forum on  4.4.10, after testing on my demo forum running version 4.5.4 has the same issue. i will PM you a login to my demo forum. 

did you get a chance to look at this issue as its happening on both 4.4.10 and 4.5.4,  i remember the issue appearing a few versions back and reporting it. a fix was applied to fix the issue but now its back again. 😞 

Thank you

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Ok, we have one more issue. Plugin on our skin from IPS 4.4 looks like that:

I know this skin is from 4.4, and plugin looks good on default one one from IPS on 4.5. But how can we fix it? My developer have look at it, and don't see where can be some templates or sth from it. Please help.

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I've purchased this and installed it on 4.6.6, but it isn't listed among Applications. A search for DP44 or Ban From Topic brings up nothing, either. Could you advise?

Edit: Nevermind! This isn't under applications, it's under plugins. My own dumb fault. Sorry!

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