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Why not directly?


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In my case, rarely I touch the POINT Icon to view the topic, (I think regularly the users don't pay attention to the POINT, maybe yes for some experts ips users, but in this case we need design it for the final users) I think the feature of this POINT Icon should be applied directly into the topic title name, if someone need to read back to first post or before that, then use PREVIOUS button, that's not better and it matches our use habits? 


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1 hour ago, Adriano Faria said:

You can configure your streams to go to the latest reply instead of first post:


I don't know if we referring the same thing. 

1. I mean the Unread item(the point icon) don't need there, and their feature should be coverd with the topic title. 

2. Try to use the activities settings, but failed because it is a little confuse to set up using my cellphone. I don't know how to save it with new changes. 

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6 hours ago, kmk said:

and it matches our use habits?

I can only speak for myself, but I rarely ever use the "point button"... -- because I want to start reading a topic from the beginning. I hate it if some forum software wants to point me to the "newest" post, because usually that is not the newest post for me.

If you have marked a forum as read  and then an old topic pops up again because someone has added a post, it would be the "newest" post. However I, who has never read the topic before, but now wants to do it, want to start at the very first post, not somewhere on say page 5...

Like I said: Personal opinion.

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2 hours ago, MMXII said:

but I rarely ever use the "point button"

Same conclusion. 

How about this analysis:

Touching topic title, by default go to the first Unread post, if my goal is the first post, no problem because my Unread post is the first post. In case of user who already read the topic, by default go to the x of y unread post, will haven't inconvenient because if he want to read from the first post, just touch again the last previous button. 

And leave a setting option for admin who want something different. 

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