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Exclude groups - php error


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Referring to the code @newbie LAC in my previous topic, I'm trying to get the groups out of display.
I try this:

if (isset($allGroups[$sid]) = explode(',', \IPS\Settings::i()->ips1s2kSGIExclude)) unset($allGroups[$sid]);

But I get an error: "Your code caused a parse error and could not be saved.".

At this moment the error causes "\IPS\Settings::i()->ips1s2kSGIExclude".
I added the settings to the plugin and added the code:

$form->add(new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Select('ips1s2kSGIExclude', \IPS\Settings::i()->ips1s2kSGIExclude === '' ? '*' : (\IPS\Settings::i()->ips1s2kSGIExclude === '*' ? '*' : explode(',', \IPS\Settings::i()->ips1s2kSGIExclude)), FALSE, [ 'options' => \IPS\Member\Group::groups(TRUE, FALSE), 'multiple' => TRUE, 'parse' => 'normal' ]));


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