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Include type of Reaction in Reaction notification email?


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Is it possible to alter the email sent out when you receive a reaction to include the type of reaction?  Previously with 3.x, you'd received an email, "{username} liked a post you made in ".  Now you just get a very generic, "Someone reacted to a post in a topic".  Not only does it not include the topic, but you don't know what the reaction is until you go and view the post.  Would like to see wording similar to the 3.x emails, including the topic name.  So, more like, "{username} reacted to a post in with {reaction text} reaction", where {reaction text} is "Thanks," "Like", "Sad", "Haha", or "Confused".

I've noticed many generic email titles that I'd like to change.. For instance, "Someone quoted one of your posts", I'd like to include the topic title there as well.   And replies to topics just have the topic name and nothing else!  Another, "{username} quoted one of your posts", where I'd rather have, "{username} quoted one of your posts in {topic title}".  Previously there were two different emails if someone replied to a topic versus creating a new topic.  Probably there are more I'd like to change as well, but these are some of the more common ones I'm seeing.

Is it possible to do this?



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