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Hard to find Developers page here!

KT Walrus

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It is hard to find the Developers area here. On desktop view, it is buried in the MORE menu, I have yet to find a link to this area on mobile views (tablet or phone).

Could you add a prominent link to https://invisioncommunity.com/developers in the Development Assistance forum description at the top of the forum index (and also to IPS Development Gateway and Theme Assistance forum descriptions)?

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15 hours ago, Jim M said:

Should be in the footer under More on all screen sizes 🙂 

Thanks. I never thought to look in the footer. Now that I know, I'll probably remember this for next time I can't find it.

Still a link in the Developer forums in the descriptions would be a more obvious place to look.. And, I still can't find it in the hamburger menu on mobile where you expect to find all navigation links. Maybe a link in this menu on mobile is warranted also?

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