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Community Info: Transfer files between cloud services easily

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Hello 🙂

As we already discussed a good way to store your huge amount of data and scale easily is cloud services like Amazon S3, Wasabi, Backblaze, Microsoft Azure e.t.c


Usually we select a cloud provider and then we may decide to use another one or maybe use a second cloud service as backup....

But how we can move our data from one cloud to another and get some easy management ?

A great tool to use is Acembly !


For all of your file requirements, wherever they live.

Acembly delivers simplified but powerful file, video and cost management features across public cloud storages for individuals or teams of any size. Manage it all better. In Minutes.


The Power of ftX - Intelligent & Optimized File Delivery

Transferring large files and data sets at high speeds is of high priority for many businesses. With Acembly ftX you can move files and directories of any size, over any distance at maximized speeds on any network.

b6.png Performance

Move data at speeds up to 40GB per second. ftX will optimize any network.

b4.png Ease of Use

In a matter of minutes you can start moving your files using ftX on a simple and intuitive interface to anywhere in the world.

b3.png AI

ftX gathers data on 9 separate network components in order to intelligently optimize and protect every network it comes across.

b2.png Desktop Client

Simply download and setup ftX on your local computer, server, cloud, anywhere in the world and begin moving your files at maximized speeds.

b1.png White Label

Service providers and any other users can white label ftX and offer it to their clients or internal users.







Simple Pricing Built For Any Size Team

Add Features & Users as needed



Acembly Overview

1)Manage your Hybrid Cloud Easier
2)Transfer Large Files Faster than Ever
3)Simple Auto-Backup Your Files to the Cloud
4)Global Search across your Local and Multi-Cloud Systems


Do you wan to give it a try? Sign up and download the desktop client:


Enjoy !


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