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iPad and Menu Clicks (Single vs. Double Click)


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Apologize if this is an easy question, but I can't figure it out.

I used the ADMIN Control Panel, Menu Manager to reorder my menus.  For example I moved Forums, Gallery, Calendar from under Browse, to each to be at the top level as a Tab...  

After I did this, on my PC (Chrome, FireFox) I simply click on the Tab and it goes to the right section.  HOWEVER, when I use my iPad (Chrome, Safari) I have to click (twice) to make the selection work.  What did I change, and how can I fix this?  Can anyone else re-create?

Thanks in advance -

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On 6/30/2019 at 2:01 PM, Joel R said:

Touchscreen devices require two clicks for certain actions, because there is no hovering of a mouse.  

As @Joel R said, because of the lack of a "hover" input on touch devices, some items (usually with a tooltip or other on-hover effect) will require two taps.

As for "fixing" it - it's not fixable. It's something web developers have been wrestling with since touchscreens have become popular, and until screens can detect a finger or stylus near to (but not touching) the screen, these kinds of interactions won't be possible.

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