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Steph Jensen

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Assuming you are self-hosted......go into the client area and download the full suite package. Open the zip file, navigate to the 'applications folder within it and your 'downloads' files are in there (I am assuming it's a 'downloads' folder)

Upload that specific 'downloads' folder to the same 'applications' folder on your site, via FTP, and then go in to the ACP and you will be able to install the application now.

If Invision Cloud.....log a ticket.


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Some clarification... if you are already using the latest fully-patched version of 4.4.4, the steps Nathan outlined will work fine.

However if you are using anything less than the fully-patched 4.4.4, that won't work, as your download will not match the installed version.

If that is the case, you instead need to upload the entire software suite, then run any pending point upgrade, and once done, then go to ACP -> Applications and install the new app by clicking its install link on the lower right side of the page.

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