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IPBoard plans for the future


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I've been a customer from IPBoard from long time ago and well, I'm kind of worried as I'm trying to make things work properly in my community and I'll like to know what are the plans for the future of IPBoard. The use of Social Networks are more frequent but I'm still have the vision to get my community grow using tools like IPBoard, however I still think that there are opportunities to make it work.

I love the product (IPBoard) and what it help us do, but we need to get creative and make some money. I know all the pages in my forums generate traffic but I can't make ANY income for that traffic... the main reason I believe why this happening its because there's no place to put a clear call to action. So people come and read, sometimes they also answer but... there's nothing else to do here inside the forum pages.

I'll like to know, if possible, plans and ideas for the software and what are you all thinking for the future. What's in your plans? and how can we benefit for this? I believe there are more users like me thinking how to make an income from this. We all generate traffic, but we need to make it work in someway and convert those visits into something.

A few ideas come to my mind in order to try to generate some kind of income from this traffic.

1) Forum sponsors. If we can create a way to display some kind of graphic (sponsor) in every forum might be useful and could work in order to generate leads. As people will come to read and they might find a related graphic (sponsor) to click on it and convert something.

2) Text sponsors. How about selling words (all over the forums) with links where we can create UTM in order to get leads from those text links?

But I'm sure there are more ideas, plenty of ideas probably... so what's in your plans?

I need to renew my license again and I'm looking forward in order to make it work!

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1. You can put the sponsors into the forum description

2. There are several ways, files and services which allow you to change the text into adlinks 

3. You could also utilize IP.Commerce and sell subscriptions to your members . IP, Commerce will also allow you to sell ad space 

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