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Community Info: Unlimited backup storage using Backblaze

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After getting an amazing feedback for my recommendation about Cloudflare and Wasabi i decide to share another recommendation that i share with my private clients so everyone can benefit 🙂

Data data data everywhere .... What's wrong with that? Nothing we all love data 🙂 But data increasing a LOT per day and more storage solutions needed ....

I would like to present you Backblaze a competitor of Wasabi (now you know that i am not related with any company that i do a recommendation) and the only reason that i recommend Wasabi as S3 alternative is that they have free download compared to Backblaze $0.01 download per GB.

But i would like to recommend Backblaze for something else 🙂

Most people use Dropbox to store some files like photos, documents e.t.c

Dropbox is fine (ok i know they go hacked a few years ago) but in general is working good...

Price: for 2TB they charge around 11$

What about storing around 500TB? What could be the price?

In general most of the companies have a similar price calculation and some of them are a bit cheaper and some a bit more expensive....

So here we have Backblaze Unlimited backup for your server or personal files:


The pricing model is:

Per month: Unlimited Backup Space 6$

Per year: Unlimited Backup Space 60$

Two years: Unlimited Backup Space 110$


Backblaze will automatically back up all your files including documents, photos, music and movies. Unlimited files. Unlimited file size. Unlimited speed.



You can download a free restore of 1 file or all your files anywhere in the world.

There is an option to have a 256 GB flash drive ($99) FedEx to you or an external drive up to 8 TB ($189).



Your Data is Safe

Backblaze takes security seriously. All data is stored in our secure datacenters with 24-hour staff, biometric security and redundant power.

Backblaze has enabled two-factor authentication. Now a 6-digit code can be sent to your phone during sign-in for an extra layer of security. 

Invisible encryption

When you use Backblaze, data encryption is built in.  Files scheduled for backup are encrypted on your machine.  These encrypted files are then transferred over a secure SSL (https) connection to a Backblaze datacenter where they are stored encrypted on disk.  We use a combination of proven industry standard public/private and symmetric encryption methods to accomplish this task.  To a Backblaze customer all of this is invisible and automatic.  For example, when you create your Backblaze account, we automatically generate your private key that is used to uniquely protect your data throughout our system. 

Accessing your data

Upon arriving at a Backblaze datacenter, your data is assigned to one or more Storage Pods where it is stored encrypted.  Access to your data is secured by your Backblaze account login information (your email address and password).  When you provide these credentials, your private key is used to decrypt your data.  At this point you can view your file/folder list and request a restore as desired. 
New: Backblaze has enabled two-factor authentication. Now a 6-digit code can be sent to your phone during sign-in for an extra layer of security. 

Restoring data

When you request a data restore, we do what is known as a cloud restore.  This simplifies the data restoration process.  For example, let’s assume your hard drive crashes and you get a new hard drive or even a new computer.  To restore your data you first log in to Backblaze using a web browser by providing your Backblaze account information (email address and password).  Once you have logged in to the Backblaze secure web interface you can request a restore of your data.  You do not have to install Backblaze to get your data back.  To make this work, we decrypt your data on our secure restore servers and we then zip it and send it over an encrypted SSL connection to your computer.  Once it arrives on your computer, you can unzip it and you have your data back.  

Adding your own passphrase

You have the option with Backblaze to add an additional layer of privacy via a user-selected passphrase.  This passphrase will be used to encrypt your private key.  This passphrase is your responsibility to remember and safeguard.  This is important: if you forget or lose this passphrase there is no way that anyone, including Backblaze, can decrypt, and thus restore, your data.  When you choose to add your own passphrase there is no “forgot passphrase” mechanism as Backblaze does not know your passphrase. 

Restoring when you set a passphrase

The data restoration process is a cloud restore, similar to the process previously described but with a few differences.  To decrypt your data, you are required to enter your passphrase on our secure website.  When you do so, it is passed over an encrypted connection to our datacenter where it is used to decrypt your private key, which in turn is used to decrypt your data.  Your passphrase is never saved on disk and it is discarded once it is used.  As before, once we decrypt your data on our secure restore servers we then zip it and send it over an encrypted SSL connection to your computer.  Once it arrives on your computer, you can unzip it and you have your data back.

More Awesomeness

personal-backup-icon-blue-files.jpg Restore multiple versions up to 30 days
personal-backup-icon-blue-clock.jpg Automatic or scheduled backups
personal-backup-icon-blue-locate.jpg Locate a missing or stolen computer
personal-backup-icon-blue-envelop.jpg Be notified of your backup status
personal-backup-icon-blue-dial.jpg Auto threading & throttling - or set your own upload limit
personal-backup-drive-blue.jpg Order a USB drive of your data and mail it back to us in 30 days for a refund.
personal-backup-file-share.jpg File sharing via Backblaze B2 - share files you've backed up.


Ready to try it?

There is a client for Windows and Mac and they have an iOS and Android app also !



View and share any files on the go

On iPhone & iPad as well as Android devices. Backblaze makes it easy to access all your backed up files.


Plays well with others

You can share a photo on Facebook. Preview a Word Doc. Listen to a song. Backblaze ties into the power of your iPhone & iPad or Android device to open almost any downloaded file with the app of your choice. You are in control.


Find, Download, Share

Your files are organized just as they are on your computer. Download any of them. You'll be able to see and/or hear all the file types your device knows how to present.


Server files? Personal files? A mix of both?

No problem there is a lot of space for all 🙂

More info and a free trial at:


Enjoy !

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