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Notification issue here on IPS

Black Tiger

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Since a short time I have an odd issue here on ips.

I get a notification of a new reply so I visit the forum, click on the notifications bell and then something odd happens.
1.) the new post on top, is not bold, then a couple of other posts which I already read, are bold again.

2.) Now I read the 2 topics again so they should not be bold (new) again. Just to be sure I read the real new message also (which was not bold)

3.) I started to write this message to show something is going on and look here. Now suddenly the new message which I've read is bold (so stated as new) and the two other ones, which I already read yesterday and today again, al also still bold, so acting as new messages.

As said this is happening a little while now (not sure how long, like a week maybe). It might be since a 4.4 upgrade, I'm not sure.

I put in a screenshot so you can see what's happening. All those posts are visited and read before I posted this.


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