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Rules for clubs forum


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We need rules field for clubs forum that will be shown above each topic. The reason is that our users get into club topics from widgets or activity stream and do not really understand that they are within the club and not in "normal" forum. We have public clubs that do have own rules, different from forums. It means that users should see above the topic that there are special rules in this forum.

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This is due to the extreme limitations to how content is recirculated within an Invision Community forum.

The Topics and Posts side boxes are only customizable to the entire site and not down to the club (group) level. (basically not granular enough)

You CAN exclude or only include certain forums in them... but then you limit the other clubs / groups.


Over time you will see one club take control of the entire site.... and Google will shove you into a niche effectively limiting your growth.

Meanwhile Twitter and Facebook take over the world while we discuss simple functionality.

It has been fun debating within this community though.


I'm sure someone out there argued in the past why color TV was ever a necessity since they already had black and white.

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