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[PAID] Indefinite Post Editing for specific Posts and Forums


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I've just upgraded my forum from 3.4.8 to 4.4.4.  I had hardcoded two features in the old forum that I need properly implemented in Invision 4.x: 

  1. Grant users the ability to edit a single post.  
  2. Specify that certain forums allow people to edit all of their own posts indefinitely. 

I have a relatively short timeout on the ability for users to edit posts (one hour for most members, 30 days for subscribers).  The reason I've hamstrung this ability is I've had members in the past go through and edit away all their posts.  This happened several times until someone edited away thousands of posts, requiring me to write scripts to restore them from a backup.  That's when I made the changes to prevent this from happening again. 

Many people need the ability to edit usually the first post in a topic to keep it up to date.  We have a considerable amount of software development on our forum, and the first post of these threads has information about the project and the latest version of the software.  We also have many high-score contests running at any given time, and the first post is used to maintain a list of scores as they are submitted.  It's also useful for people to be able to edit posts indefinitely in Marketplace-related and development-centric forums.

I already have "allow_edit" columns in the posts and forums tables, and these fields need to be used going forward to maintain all the existing posts and forums where this flag has been set to true.  There needs to be a simple UI for threads that allows admins and mods to toggle posts as being editable (this can be attached to the moderation menu). It would be useful to have a small marker that shows this state for posts where it's been enabled.  On the forums side, just a simple checkbox when editing forums to mark them as "Allow Indefinite Post Editing" or something along those lines.

Thanks for your consideration. 


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