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mobile usability errors in google search console


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For at least the last 6 months we've been getting mobile usabiilty errors in Google's Search Console. We're using a customized default theme (the one that's installed by default) for which we've mostly changed colors.

The errors we're getting:

When we check the website to verify everything seems fine. Also, there are a ton of these threads and pages on our site, but only a small number get an error. Seems odd.

Has anyone had issues of this sort before?

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9 hours ago, DC23 said:

I can see the issue with this one as you have a lot of side scrolling going on, my guess is one of your users on the page is using Grammarly. Check the HTML of each post and look for a div which specifies a width, it will most likely be 1000px+, remove it and that will fix this page for you at least.

I think I've seen in release notes they have stopped this happening now.


Screenshot 2019-06-09 at 16.22.54.png

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