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Clearer difference on hidden/visible posts in hidden topic


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In many scenarios the moderators on a community need to hide a topic (damage control) until posts in the topic has been moderated.

After the most recent update, all posts in the topic are colored pink, because they are hidden in the sense that the topic is hidden, but the post itself may not be hidden. 

This has led to the moderators having a more difficult time to get an overview of which posts are left to review on whether to hide or not. 

I've told them that when the post is hidden because the topic is hidden, then it will just say "Hidden" on the post header, but when a single post is hidden, then it says "Hidden by ...". I also told them that it doesn't cause any issues if they accidentally hide a post twice. 



However, this still causes confusion and making the day-to-day tasks of the moderators more difficult. 

We would therefor suggest it goes back to how it was previously, where posts had no pink color when the post itself wasn't hidden or use a less pink color for those posts. Another idea may be something like this: 



Please also see my other feedback related to hiding posts inside already hidden topics.


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