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Change Calendar Date & Time Format


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Hi guys. I can't seem to edit the calendar's date- and time format on the front-end, when users go to create an event. I've tried changing every setting I can find in the admin, and the locale, but no luck so far.

Here you see what I mean:


I am trying to change the date format from 9/27/2019 to 27/9/2019.

Also, the time format from 4:00 PM to "16:00".

Where can I do this? Thanks for any help, I hugely appreciate it.

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I have it set to the Netherlands, it was part of a language pack from that country. However, the pack was made by a user from a while ago and it wasn't very complete. So I've translated all the remaining language strings to Dutch myself and have set the locale to the Netherlands in the language settings, but it still shows MM-DD even though the country uses DD-MM. 

Is there a way to override this or fix it somehow with a little digging? It seems it's not set up correctly somehow.

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For browsers that support date HTML inputs, the browser controls the UI and format of the field. You can read this page for more details: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/input/date


One thing to note is that the displayed date format differs from the actual value — the displayed date format will be chosen based on the set locale of the user's browser, whereas the date value is always formatted yyyy-mm-dd.


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