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Use "nofollow" exceptions also for subdomains


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There is a problem with nofollow exceptions list. Currently it works only with exact domains so we must add all subdomains manually. It would be great to have an option to automatically apply exception rule for all subdomains.

For example, currently if we need to remove "nofollow" from all links to modxvm.com and stats.modxvm.com we must add both domains to the list. *.modxvm.com also does not work, and in case when you have a lot of subdomains the proccess of adding them becomes a hell (especially because there is no any ability to paste a full list of them in one field, or upload a file with the list).

I'd prefer to have just one rule with main domain in order to allow all the subdomains as well.

I.e. exception with "modxvm.com" must be enough for stats.modxvm.com, nightly.modxvm.com etc. as well as for main domain.

Thank you.

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In that case we can just add "somesite.blogspot.com" and don't add "othersite.blogspot.com", and it would work fine in this scenario as the second is definitely not the subdomain of the first one :)

It's very rare case when you need to add a domain to this list the same time don't including its subdomains, this is why i described it in that way. But if you think this functionality must be more flexible in this detail, i'd suggest to implement it this way(see screenshot), as it much more user-friendly than manual creating of additional records with wildcards.


This will be suitable for both scenarios.

Also as additional feature i'd love to have a field where we could paste or upload file with the list of domains because even edding of 30-40 domains by hand in current interface is long and tedious (and the same for blacklist aka "Disallowed links").

Thank you.

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