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Dynamic Promotions/Our Picks

Joy Rex

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I'm really liking the Promotions/Our Picks feature, but could it be made to automagically™ promote something that say receives a large amount of Reactions or posts?

That would keep the Our Picks section lively, and keep users aware and engaged to what's relevant in our communities, not to mention ease the burden of manually promoting things to social media.

Ideally, having options so you can choose which forums would have dynamic promotion and what would trigger a promotion, etc. would be great as well.

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Nice idea, I like it. I'm all for automation.

Although I do wonder if promotion it is the best way - or another widget that takes high rep content and shows it.

I'll ponder it.

Facebook prohibits automatic publishing, so we couldn't do that.

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3 hours ago, Matt said:

I'm all for automation.

So glad to hear that. I am limping since the rules app has been killed, keep my fingers crossed for something similar provided by IPS or at least to make it easier for external devs. As far as I know they still can't handle properly events caused by reactions and this can be huge. 

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