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Our Picks - on Forums - width?


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I wanted to add something...

The little space on the right of the three picks obviously disappears after you narrow the window. What bothers me is that it appears when you respect the 1340 max rule and add widgets on the right as per the standard template. In short, the three picks should be optimized for the max 1340 window. Hope that makes sense.


I just noticed that the our picks section on invasion's homepage has the little scroll arrow on the right which would fit perfectly where mine is missing. Hmm. Thought it might be a Safari glitch, but tried it on Chrome as well. No arrow and still have the space.



I AM AN IDIOT. Never mind. Figured it out. Apologies. Had maxed out the picks to 3. Now it's fine. Mods, feel free to close or delete this topic 😞


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