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Something's missing...

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Hello ! 🙂

I'm going to change server and I tested a transfer.

It ran without error messages so I believed it was ok. But when I visited the web site, I noticed that :

gallery images didn't appear, nor in the widget, nor in the gallery itself :


- the box to post answers only had a text zone (no more buttons, etc.) :


Is this a server configuration problem in your opinion ? Something missing ?

Thank you. 🙂

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I've not already made modifications to the domain name which is still pointing to the "old" server. So I use username access (see url below) to see if everything is ok on the new server.

The menu to access the ACP doesn't work. I get this in the url https://66.77.666.76/~board/#elUserLink_menu

Neither can I access the ACP by typing the url...

Do you think this is going to work once the domain name points to the new server ?

Thank you. 🙂

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