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Google Maps API - This API project is not authorized to use

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Hey Everyone,


So I followed the directions to setting up the Maps API for Google Maps for my IPB Community. However, no matter what restrictions (or, no restrictions) I put on the API. it tells me the following error in IPB. " This API project is not authorized to use this API."


I have deleted the key and recreated it with no restrictions (which, I know is not recommended) however, even then it still rejects the key.


Am I missing something blatantly obvious?

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Are you sure you added all 4 of the APIs that the guide shows? They are:

Google Maps Javascript API, Google Static Maps API, Google Maps Embed API and the Google Maps Geocoding API.

If you are sure that you have, and that you've given them some time to enable (it can take an hour for them to fully activate for some reason), and it still shows that error, please file a ticket to support and we can investigate.

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