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Change 'you do not have permission' page?


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I'd like to edit the page that appears when users click on a forum section they don't have permission for:


It doesn't even have a button to click to 'Register'? That seems stupid to me.

How can I change this so the registration information shows for users that aren't logged in and need to register

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Agree, agree, agree. So many of the "Sorry, there is a problem" messages are downright hostile, as well as being unhelpful to the user.

Big bold exclamation mark. Holy s__t, Batman, did I break the software?

"You are not allowed" -- yikes, I'm trespassing here?

It's especially glaring when the "problem" is that the poor user simply hasn't logged in. Now the user is flustered and offended, and doesn't even know what he can do to fix it. (Other than "Error code: 30286/1" which tells him nothing and looks amateur.)

I've complained about these error messages before. It's just STUPID on Invision's part to word them in this way, especially when the only issue is the user doesn't happen to be logged in at the moment. It's so disappointing, in light of how excellent the software is otherwise.

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scared baby GIF

I totally get where you're coming from.  The error pages can come across as very dry, technical, and unfriendly.  

You can modify the language strings in the ACP, which is a powerful way to easily customize the error message to something much friendlier.  I've modified multiple custom strings across my continuity, not just the Error pages, but also the Post Before Register, Leaderboard, Reactions, and more.  

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