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We use our Invision Power Suite to power an adult website, which is going to fall foul of the UK's Draconian 2017 Digital Economy Act's "Porn Ban", which could see sites that are available to UK citizens being fined up to £250,000 or having their website completely banned in the UK. It's due to come into force on July 15th 2019, for not complying to Age Verification checks.

I was wondering if something could be implemented so that people can use services like AVSecure's AgePass, or something? Or would this be a third party mod solution? Currently as it stands I'm not all too clear about how this integrates with IPS Software, and I'm a little worried about the deadline date. Any help would be appreciated. 

Sorry if this was posted in the wrong area.

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It could definitely be integrated, likely via a plugin, but is the minimum age requirement setting not sufficient?

ACP > System > Login & Registration > Registration. Under "Allow New Registrations?" select "Yes, with full registration form" and you will be given an option to only allow registrations over a certain age.

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21 hours ago, Matt said:

I would think that integrating with a third party is probably the easiest way forward (such as: https://avyourself.com)

It's a fairly significant feature to add to the software and will handle very sensitive data which instantly makes me uneasy. 

I couldn't agree more which is why I brought up AVSecure's AgePass, which apparently has an API that can be integrated. I figured this could be done as a community enhancement, or a plugin or application. I personally wouldn't want my site to deal with that kind of information either that's why there are third party places that help and do the processing for you, so all your site gets (AFAIK) is 'confirmedadult=1' or something... As far as I can tell AVSecure's AgePass will only affect people from UK connections, and I believe that in 2020, it's not just porn sites that are going to be hit by this law, but gambling sites, and other 18+ sites that aren't necessarily porn. 

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