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Automatically unfeature events after they've happened


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I noticed on my site today that there was a block advertising our annual conference. I was a bit puzzled because it took place last month. And then I realised: 'A-ha, I featured it for several months. Of course I did.'

It didn't dawn on my to log in and unfeature it once it had happened. Similarly, I just noticed that by coincidence our sister organisation in Scotland is having its national conference today. I wouldn't have known the date but I saw it because it's been featured for months. I'd like to think that between now and Monday it won't slip my mind to unfeature it but I think it would be far more preferable if the software took the approach itself of realising that a featured event is in the past and unfeaturing it. It doesn't have to be forced; there could always be an admin setting to automatically unfeature or otherwise leave featured indefinitely.

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A broader perspective on featured items is the challenge to actually manage featured items.  

You can only manage at the item level.  

I often feature images, albums, and files so they show up on the gallery and download index.  They just keep adding up.  There's no way to mass manage all featured items from one spot.  

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