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How to get notifications for all posts

Jonathan Cook

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How can I (as Admin) get notified by email every time someone (anyone) makes a post in my board, anywhere?

I know about the "Notify me of replies" in individual threads, but I'm looking for one general setting that will apply across the board so I get notified for every post automatically.

Sorry for the basic question. I've tried to figure it out on my own, but nothing's worked. Thanks in advance.


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You could manually follow all the boards and categories in your community.  It's a one time setup.  

As an edit, you would need to follow all of the topics to get notified of every post. Your community is probably small enough to make that possible (since you want to be notified of everything anyways)  but it's not a sustainable method to get notified.  

Also, just visit your All Activity stream! 

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