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Any coder willing to code a photo EXIF app for IPS forum


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I'm seeking an app or a plugin which will display photo EXIF data for the photo posted in the Forum and in Pages

Can any coder make an exact replica of this feature thats on this website https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4391958

The EXIF data is shown when the mouse hovers over the photo. 

Also the EXIF data is shown when the photo is clicked.

I will pay for this feature.



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There are many photo and image forums using IPS, and I am sure if created this app would sell like hot bread in the market place.

IPS has an image settings to remove all EXIF data for attachment images on upload. Than means if this settings is turned off it is possible for an app to receive the EXIF data and then display it as an overlay on the images.

PHP also supports EXIF

Or this could be achieve similar to the gallery app, by storing the EXIF date to the database then receive it from there.

I really need this app, anyone with the knowledge care to create it?


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