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Profile Field showing EPOCH date

David Young

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I have a custom profile field that defined as a date field.  Since the last upgrade (4.4.2) I've noticed that when displayed on the users profile, it's displayed properly mm/dd/yyyy but when it's displayed under the users information on a post, it's showing the unix epoch date.  I don't know if it was the last update that did it or the one before but it just recently started.

Any thoughts?

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The custom formatting for the field must be using the raw value instead of the formatted value. Edit the custom field in the AdminCP and adjust the formatting to use next to content (there's a helpful field description that will show you the tags you can use).

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So, both are using the same display option; so you are saying I need to change the bottom one to a custom display



I changed the display option for topics to use custom, like so;



Still shows like this in the topics view.  Profile view shows a formatted date.  I tried {$rawContent} and that left it blank in the topic view.



I'll dig around some more and see what I can find.

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