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Commerce - Return Member To New Group Upon Expiration

Whiskey Bizness

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It would be very useful in the Commerce section of IPBoard, you could define which group you want to "return" the member to when their purchase benefits expire.

Here's a scenario:

  1. Member is default member of Group ID 3, our registered members group.  They decide to become an advertiser and purchase a package through our Commerce section.
  2. Purchasing the package places them in Group ID 4, which has certain elevated permissions and allows them to upload a banner advertisement.
  3. When the package expires, rather than IPBoard returning them back to Group ID 3 which can still reply to threads, send PMs, and otherwise carry on business behind the scenes without being an advertiser, I want to be able to send them to Group ID 5 which I've locked down from those abilities and which has reduced permissions on the community.

The reason for this?  Incentive to renew and expiration of their old content if they choose not to renew.


A picture is worth a thousand words, right?



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1 hour ago, bfarber said:

If I'm understanding correctly, you are wanting to give your former subscribers less permissions than regular members who never subscribed, is that correct?

Correct.  I know that sounds odd, but here's some context:

On my community we have a Vendor program wherein commercial entities can post to promote their goods and services.  When someone signs up as that, we have them create an account just for their business.   So, Joe Smith might have a member account called JSMITH1972 or something like that, but we create a separate account called WHIZBANG GIZMOS that he posts all of his Vendor activities under.

When Whizbang Gizmos advertising campaign expires, I want to be able to cut off its ability to respond to posts, create new posts, send PMs, etc.  The only thing I want to give that account access to is the ability to renew its advertising through our Commerce section.

JSMITH1972 can continue using the community as a member, as he always has, but under our Terms of Service cannot post commercially.


Hope that makes sense.  🙂


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