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Hi, I need to add reviews for my product

Jesse Jin

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Hi @Jesse Jin Welcome to Invision Community and congratulations on your first post.  Also, it looks like you have a cool use of forums + commerce.

To answer your question, first create an invoice for yourself of the smart bike in the ACP and mark as paid.  That will add you as a customer to your own product.  You should then able to write your own reviews.  

Where are the other reviews located?  There might be a way to programmatically add the reviews using a custom integration.  

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And you're moving your products from Woocommerce to Invision Community, or you're keeping your products in Woocommerce? 

You can integrate the users in two easy ways:

- Invision community supports oAuth 2.  You can read the help guide on it.  

- there's a Marketplace file for WordPress SSO, which offers more complete single sign-on.  

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