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Problem with redirect

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Since my domain provider doesn't allow my to change the DNS (contacted them but they don't respond because Italy), I'm trying to use a redirect. I've used both a redirect from my domain www.ilex-forest.com and from free domain www.ilexforest.tk but I get the same error Denied Connession from [invision url]. Can you help me? Thanks a lot in advance, best.

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Each of the domains you specify contain a small html with a frame-src=....
Within this frame, you want to load a site that contains a rule in the  header - "x-frames: sameorigin".
That's why both of your domains do not work.
And this is not the redirect you are asking for, but it is the frame settings.
If you are the administrator of the main site - change the x-frame rule.1348578746_Screenshotat2019-05-03232444.thumb.png.67d4222c0a730e0f9b78c41c692f382e.png

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