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Make MEDIA image selector available for main article records


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I'd like to draw some attention to Pages' article creation. Namely the moment you have to upload a NEW image each time for a new article. IMHO that can be done better by taking a page out of Wordpress' book by allowing to access and search and select images already uploaded in the past. The Media section has this handled but as I see its only accessable when making Page templates. Why would you leave Media out of Article record images' selection? For example when writing news about playstation 4 (or any other recurring topic) I prefer to show the same image of the console with each news article. Now if I used Pages today, I'd have to upload it each time I write an article, waste time and disk space.

please give us more freedom when writing articles. 4.4.4 maybe? @Matt @bfarber  🙂

I also asked about it here first


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