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Show club content areas - performance issue


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Showing club content areas throughout the community is really useful feature. Unfortunately we cannot use it due to the large amount of clubs. If I switch on the feature then we have over 200 forums on the forum index. We have tried and this has a massive performance issue. We are now going to allow galleries and blogs in the clubs. If only half of our clubs will have own gallery then we have over 100 galleries on the gallery index page and so on.

There would very useful to cut off the number of clubs feature shown on the index page of each application. E. g. show randomly 10(?) clubs features and add a link "Show all clubs" if there are more clubs?


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I have tried the approach. It does not work. I do not want to show clubs, but clubs feature if any. There is no block to show clubs features (if exist) and there is no random order in the default club box.

For us it means we cannot use the feature "Throughout the community" to promote our clubs as we have just too many of them :sad:

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