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[Request] New features for the club system

Jack F. Dunford

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Hey guys,

A few years ago I chose IP.Board 3.x to be the forum of my clan. What was a small group became a shining city on the hill. We went from 300+ registered members and 40+ active daily to a ecosystem of over a dozen micro communities in the forum of clubs!

Invision Community 4.x has been an exciting upgrade for us. It offers innovative features on a simple-but-functional scale. We're finally able to create a website stacked with custom pages, forum boards, commerce and more.  Problem is, our forum by itself is very large. As a result, users end up confused navigating between clans and non-clan forums. One way we could solve this is by branching out and creating more than one forum board; but that a waste of money.  I have a better solution. We should update the club system with new features — allowing for leaders to create distinguishable brands for their club!

By using a lot of examples, my team and I would love for you guys to update the club system, adding new functionality for:

  • Each club to have their own ranks, pages and forums:
    • Helps with communication as well as the brand:
      • Club forum sections to better categorize our member sections from leader.
      • WSYIWYG pages / custom menu to display our internal roster, stat sheets and media centre.
    • Member ranks with custom icons / color:
      • Distinguish clan members by their roles.
      • Restrict certain pages/forum sections to ranks so we can hide the more serious leader talk.
    • Toggle club badges that can display on user profile.
      • A great way for people to represent their group and be proud.
      • An incentive for others to build their own club, encouraging growth.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this request. I look forward to what you think!




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