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Status update text hidden


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Example 1 9GKxk1a.png

But only for certain people/groups?

It isn't in the group settings because I'm able to post the status, the issue is the text is hidden

Not a css issue since it also does not show on the default theme, not a plugin issue since I tried disabling all.

Should also mention that editing the status fixes this somehow

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Long time no speak Lewis! 😄

My first thought was it would be a theme related concern but you've ruled that out by the sounds of it.

OK , can you check the page source for said "status" when you can't see it ? I doubt it is there not displayed in the source but the few seconds to double check this is well worthwhile.

No third party plugins effecting anything member related no ? Even if its not status related. Or anything that effects the menus 'design' anywhere.

Nothing in the browser debugger ? I'm actually thinking here about it not being able to fetch some external js or suchlike, read next sentence to find out why:

Any issues with the main CKE when posting ? In particular emots etc do they get parsed ? (the reason for asking this is quite boring so I'll spare you) but it is potentially related, summary being mine don't always parse until an edit (but usually only if the internet is slow)

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I think I may of mistaken the O.P for the other LewisP perhaps, just noted the content counter. Apologies to the O.P if my reply does not make much sense, sorry.

Otherwise I would of likely replied similar to you, but assuming it was the person I though who would be imminently more than completely capable of rectification of this issue with just a pointer/push or two in the right direction. 🙂 I see exactly what/why you're saying though. 🙂


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