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Extremaly poor JS feeling for google

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After upgrading to IPB 4.4 I had realised extreme drop in google positions.

Some of those are connected with bad internal linkig - we fixed most of it by our own.

The next problem is JS handling in new 4.x familiy of IPB.

Here are some examples according to 3 sites that I tested, on different hostings and different scale - from 200users to 200k users - JS for google page speed is same.

Main forum page: 1800 dom elements - 2.5s for root_library.js JS handling - google page speed for mobile - 52-60
Forum category page: 1900 dom elements - 1.9 for root_library.js JS handling - google page speed for mobile 45-50
Topic page: 3000 dom elements!!! - 8s for root_library.js JS handling. google page speed for mobile 20-25.

What the heck?

Our main page is 95-98 page speed for mobile.
Hi IPS guys - do something.
Today I'm ready to get away from the IPBoard - when I realised where the clue is.

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I've just run PageSpeed on your Foto site, and there is a 11ms delay while JS tries to contact a script hosted on "cagro.pl" which accounts for most of the low score. This frame is eventually blocked by Content Security Policy.

The 3000+ nodes isn't really a problem. It's just a suggestion. Keep in mind Google makes recommendations baselined on average websites which typically do not have user generated content.

A topic page on a forum is incredibly complex as there are links, embeds, DIVs, quotes, etc. Likewise, you also have post before register enabled (which is a GOOD thing) but it adds more nodes to the page for the editor.

There also seems to be some delay in serving JS from your site. It looks like you host your own CDN, so you might want to look there to see what the delay is.

I also noticed, there's a 2000ms delay while Google returns the recaptcha javascript, and a similar delay for doubleclick.net to return scripts.

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my links are:





The second one is small one - so I tested it also on default IPB skin - same results.

@Matt how can I reduce the complexity of my page - there is already a support ticket so You can help me via tickets or here.

We have our cdn for static files and for images. We do not wait for static files - most of them have ttbf on average 20-40ms


Is it a bad server timing?


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Thanks @Matt for hint.

We had disabled option: guest write and amazing - root_library.js evaluation is 1.5s instead of 8-9s!!!
Also google page speed from mobile jumped from 20-25 to 45-50!!!

so general recomendation for everybody - GET RID of THIS FEATURE!!!

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Well, there needs to be a balance between getting a super-nice Google PageSpeed score, and encouraging visitors to sign up and contribute to your site. While you should use these tools to benchmark your site and look for improvements, you must keep in mind that it is "humans first" when growing your community.

I would imagine the time is spent setting up CKEditor.

We may be able to defer loading until it is clicked in a future version.

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