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Mark as read from timeline


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But why put pineapple on pizza? We all browse differently I guess, not everyone would find this useful but I don’t always get chance to read everything I want to then be able to mark the board as read. 

On desktop I can quickly hover over the topic title and mark as read, mobile/tablet you don’t have that luxury, this would be a great way to whack a few topics out the way that I have absolutely zero interest in. Like Game of Thrones for example.

Something that has bugged me for a while, didn’t think of this, makes sense. 

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9 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

In forum view only; you can't do that in Activity Streams or Search Results, for example... and the screen from the OP is Activity Stream.

I know, which this would also help with. 

I tend to use streams more on mobile and tablet, find it easier to go through unread content, where as desktop I potter around more going in and out of boards. 

Might not be the norm I know, but then what is? 😁

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