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Enhanced Post Count Incrementation

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About This File

This plugin will give the ability to admins choose which type of content will increment member content item count when submittting them.


  • Type of content
    • Item
    • Comment
    • Review


  • Posts appears as option. Disabling it will override the forums configuration to not increment post count.
  • The list of available content will vary based on the applications you have installed in your community.



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  • 2 years later...
8 hours ago, PPlanet said:

If I select posts to increment, does it respect individual forums where I have selected not to increment post count?


If it is selected, it will honor the forum setting to increment post count. If it is DISABLED, then it will override the forums configuration to increment post count. I mean, even if FORUM1 is set to increment content count but you NOT selected POSTS in the plugin settings, then it won't increase member content count at all in topics/posts

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