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PAID - Global Ignore Plug-In

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I'm looking for a plug-in which would effectively add a particular person to a global ignore list so that everyone else would be oblivious to any posts or messages made by that person.

This is an exceptional tool to deal with exceptional and persistent troublemakers who seem only to want to troll and hurt feelings of others.

If you think that you could help us with this project then please flag it up on this thread and also send me a private message.





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Sure. First of all the not already ignored to the entire community. And we do ban them and we do suspend/moderate them – but they keep on coming back and they take a lot of time.

We have found on the vBulletin site – amazingly – that if you get the troublemakers then if you placed on a global ignore list, for some reason rather they don't seem to notice for months so they keep coming to the forum, posting their remarks and never realising that nobody else can see them. So they're happy trying to stir it up, and our members are happy not noticing and not getting angry about it.

It's not a solution that I use very often – but when it becomes necessary then it is extremely useful. Very often, because of the lack of reaction they get to their posts, we find that they tend to drift off. It's actually very nice non-conflict-oriented solution.

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We want to be able to put someone on a global ignore list so that they have zero visibility - no one can see their posts, reactions, their online status, messages - anything.


However, they will see everything as normal.  They will be able to see their online status, they will be able to post and message and give reactions etc.  To them, everything will seem normal.


In that way, they can go about creating havoc and never understanding why no one is rising to their bait.

In vbulletin, this is called - sending them to coventry.

It is a very effective no-conflict-oriented way of dealing with trolls and they often don't realise for weeks or months what has happened.


Site team can see them and their posts with a message



Admin can then click to see the post and can make it visible if it is sensible and not-offensive

It's better than moderation because if they want to cause trouble - then they just keep on coming back with new regsitrations

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