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Design and font changed after import. Need help


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speak bad English.

My problem is, I had my forum on a test page, now it has been exported and imported.
Problem now: The design, the font is much smaller now. Also in the AdminPanel. How can I reset these to factory settings?

Should this be posted in the wrong place. Then I say sorry!

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Which original CSS data would I have to overwrite by Forum? So that the admin and the frontend reappear in the original again?

it's just very difficult to explain right now ... If I had a demo at hand, I could show you what it should look like.

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13 minutes ago, AndyF said:

Try the Support Tool in the ACP > Support > "Something is not working correctly" > Keep going until it says it has cleared cached data.

Temporarily try a different browser too if possible to see if it looks OK or not in that. 🙂

Now I've done the support - Find a solution. Everything OK

Browser completely uninstalled, reinstalled. It does not work.
Browser in use: Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera = Does not work

Cookies and cache cleared

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1 hour ago, Nathan Explosion said:

We're limited in being able to help you - we would likely need to see the site to understand the problem clearly. 

URL Remove

will delete the domain then again as soon as you have looked at it.

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Unlikely but is it possible your ISP (ISP not server host) has some form of caching/prefectching that could be causing this ? The fact that Nathan can see it (I did not see it in time) indicates its not likely to be a server issue.

Mind you those screenshots are broken, but they are hosted here ( ! )

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