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Using a custom domain


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Hi everybody,

Hope you're all good 🤗


I'm calling for help for a problem that could open new horizons ^^

I have developed an app that allows members to create their own mini-website (it is something like the Invision Blog app).

One of the main request from my members is the ability to use their own custom domain name to be used on their mini-website.

For instance, instead of having their website homepage like:


… it would be:


… pointing to the Invision installation.

It's not such an easy task with Invision, and I'm a bit lost on this one. So:

  • Where would you start to enable such a feature?
  • What kind of developments/hooks should be done?

I know it's a lot of work, but I'm just asking for the global picture, or if you would have any ideas on where to start.


Thank you very much! 🍻

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1 minute ago, Adriano Faria said:

I can be wrong but this is a domain stuff and will require redirects at server level. You can’t do that with only coding something in your app.



Yes, the first step would be a custom DNS entry to redirect the member domain to the Invision installation.

But once this is done, the Invision installation must be able to work on a different domain (other than the 'base_url' constant defined in conf_global.php)… and that's where I call for help 🚨 😅


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3 minutes ago, opentype said:

The IPS license prohibits this. You can only have one domain per license.


The member custom domain name would be only used on just a few public pages from my 3rd-party app… so I'm not sure this would apply.

The whole Invision installation would only run on one domain.

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