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Shortkey from topic title input to message box on new topic?

Black Tiger

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It's really a question of one of our moderators and a couple of users.

From other software (SMF, Phpbb, vBulletin) they are used when creating a new thread/post, the can type in the title, then use the TAB button and they are right in the message box where they can type their post.

I don't know where the TAB is going with Invision, but nowhere near the message box in any case.

I know they can use their mouse, to click once, but tab is a lot easier/faster. This is not working with IPS, why not?

But the real question is, is the only way to achieve this using the mouse? Or is there another short key (or combo) to get from the title to the messagebox when creatig a new topic?


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