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Forums as a posting Option in clubs

Fierce God

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Scratch this if it has already been posted


Here's the "thing" 

We are trying our best to move away from "forum" style posting in our clubs 100%

So an idea me and my staff have come up with, is how to make our "Game Groups" aka Clubs, be more social media like posting style


We want them to have more of the quick posting style, but not have that forum look

the style we would like as a option, is to have the profile like posting/with replies.......this would bring in the all activity feed (only followed members posts seen)

So when a person comes into the club, they see the posts tab, but it would only show them the members posts they follow globally


but the main point is, to be able to have a option to either use forum style posting, or ........profile style posting

added : It would be good to have a "trending tag widget" connected to this in a way



(Side note:, **the plugin/app called quick post still has that "Forum" look - and turns into a forum style post after................and yes i fully understand that "clubs" are a community within a community......... BUT, IPS has given everyone the awesome power to make "clubs" into literally anything you want!.........like us, nothing but social game groups) 

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you still have to make a "topic" like a forum

we want to break away from forums

title then actual post items


we want it to flow like as if you are making a profile post like thing, but it can still be easy to find and kept organized 

overview tab would only show "followed" member posts, but can be set to all posts

but in the topic tab you will see all posts made that day, then in like a side widget you can search for like april 15th posts and go to them and see if there is anything you want to comment on or add


i know it sounds weird and hard to understand

but just a easy way to post, so it is not forum like, but can still look clean

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On 5/3/2019 at 9:13 AM, Fierce God said:

no, extra fields gives you another place to describe the club



or just a extra field when making a club to say it better

I seen an app that lets you have custom fields anywhere and everywhere you want them. So group topic templates could have them as well. So you could for example, disable club forums, but enable something new like club postables.

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25 minutes ago, Fierce God said:

what app did you see that you can make a new posting part? Club enhancements? I must have missed that in the description




Do you mean a new page with an editor input field and all the posted content + a feature to reply to this new content, literally the same as on profiles?


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and from what i hear from spanner, that custom app is not available to public yet, but he is making a public "version"

but that is a timeline app he made, he would need to integrate clubs into it to make it be compatible and being useful for me

he made it for CGN and they just use it for timeline 

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I would like to re-visit this as a way to show a primary example (example only, to be seen as a way to copy, but a way to implement a feature for this)

Let's take FB groups as the example


in there Groups, you can make a post aka "topic" and do not have to make a title for it, but it still shows in the feed, as new topic posted for person who enters the group that day or just joins



There in my group, you can see how you don't need to make a title before posting the topic that can be responded to / replied to , just like in a forum way


this is how a option should be used for in clubs


i will also link this in Feedback & suggestions for 5.0 as it has come to look like i need to post it in there


i just thought someone would have a easy way to do this

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the one he is "Supposed" to make is not doesn't on the development list yet, and it won't even be close to what he made for CGN,  

He made a sharing profile timeline feed for CGN (what you see in his portfolio) 

from what i saw (lol) it doesn't integrate with clubs and add a new way to make posts/topics

like i am trying to implement in this thread

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