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Allow members to post something only visible to admins.


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Is there a way to allow members to reply to a topic and/or start a new topic in a public forum that is only visible to admins and not other members?

So, for example, let's say I wanted to include a screenshot or something in this post to show admins what I'm referring to, but didn't want other members to see it. Is there a way I, as the member posting it, could do something like this?


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6 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

Create a forum and change the forum setting to only topic author see it. Only author and staff will see it.

Ah, right... forgot about that functionality. Thanks.

Would there be any way to do something like this on a per-post or per-topic basis in a normal public forum that doesn't have this setting on?

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I guess it would be possible to have a custom plugin written to do this, along the lines of a kind of "hide" code or suchlike but whereas the usual thing only shows to members etc (or like a spoiler) the content would only show to certain groups, aka admins in this case.

A bit of care would need to be taken in writing this I think in that it was not exposed in the source (something one 'hide' code did once lol) and that it was not visible if the post was quoted.

I think the above would be OK but highly likely something for a third party coder to write if you needed something 'specific' for this if the built in functionality that @Adriano Faria pointed out is not sufficient. 🙂

EDIT... List here > https://invisioncommunity.com/third-party/providers/ ,


it would very much be a paid task though I suspect given its slightly limited appeal, but I could be wrong.

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