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10 Lessons By A Master Community Builder

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(Joel note: This is an article shared from a third party site. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of myself or IPS.) 



How to Build A Unique Community— 10 Lessons By A Master Community Builder


Read about 10 powerful lessons on how to build value-creating communities — no matter if you are a corporation, NGO or a startup. Collaboration counts.

1*YIAQt-2PAIy84bRhsi9WpQ.jpegFrits Bussemaker is an expert in community building and alliance management. He has more than 30 years of experience both in online and offline communities. He was member of the management team of the world-largest CIO community with 7000+ members and more than 300 events, from 30+ countries. His role was Secretary General International Relations.

In the following, he shares how to build a community, what risks to consider and why “Command and Control” becomes more and more an old paradigm.

Read More: https://medium.com/omdena/how-to-build-a-unique-community-10-lessons-by-a-master-community-builder-29df2fec907f




Some takeaways that I really liked:

  • Allowing flexibility doesn't mean allowing people to do anything they want - you still need leadership even though there's less management.  
  • Beware of echo chambers - even though communities bring together like-minded people, you want to challenge them 
  • Ikeafication - Oh no, he's trashing my favorite furniture store LOL.  Ikeafication is when you lose the local values, because you can buy the same item in every IKEA store.  
  • Serendipity - How do you create casual encounters in online communities for users to connect?  
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