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Changing Clubs to Clans?


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Anyone know of a way to globally change the word Club(s) to Clan(s). I'd like to enable people to create a club however this is a gaming forum, so I'd like for them to create clans instead of clubs. I feel all I really need to do is change the name from Club to Clan. Anyway, some guidance would be greatly appreciated!




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1 hour ago, Fierce God said:

Go to 

acp > Appearance > Languages > Click the globe

you just need to search "clubs" then change the name in the side box on each line that says "clubs"


or you can get the plugin by @newbie LAC and get a easier search 


oh man, you rock! Thanks so much!

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51 minutes ago, Fierce God said:

Glad it helped

it may not change every bit of the "club" name, but i am sure someone will see this thread and post more ways to make sure you catch every term of club so it can look crisp and clean like you want  

So far it's looking pretty good!

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