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Members sidebar box issue


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Just upgraded to 4.4. The first thing I noticed is the absence of text formatting in one specific sidebar box. Look by yourself at the ''ILS REVIENNENT TOUS'' box.


Usernames used to be really vibrant and colorful (bold font, icons, etc.), to distinguish new members from moderators, etc. Now everyone is identical. The group title text formatting is still working fine on every other pages though.

I tried to delete/restaure the sidebar box, without success.

Anyone knows how to fix this? =| 


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Does it look OK (or not) on the standard default IPS theme ?

Only reason for asking this is it is worth the few seconds you need to check this, as it may indicate you just need to update/tweak the custom one you have that's all. 🙂

EDIT... I tried to check this for you but guests/visitors do not have access (that I can see) to the theme selection.

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