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GIPHY API Key (Status 'Pending' for nearly two weeks)

USCJ Digital

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I submitted a request for an API key from Giphy about two weeks ago (April 5).

The status has remained at 'pending' since that time. I have wrote to GIPHY support about a week ago, and they indicated they were forwarding the request to the correct individual. However, as of today, the key status is still 'pending,' and there have been no further replies from GIPHY.

Has anyone else encountered this? Any thoughts on how I can garner some attention from the GIPHY folks?

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Mine got rejected Monday. I followed the tutorial on here from the guides section, but this is now out of date? Giphy now require a video...

Did you create a video USCJ?


We've reviewed your submission, and it has been marked as rejected.

Our reviewers made the following notes:
"Thanks for your interest in using our API. Please provide some more information about your app along with a video capture of the GIPHY experience. Feel free to apply for another key when you are ready."

IPS, are you able to update the guide and sort a video out for us to use?

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I did not create a video -- I used the screen shots Invision provided as per Invision's guide.

What is strange is that I contacted GIPHY support a week ago, they said they were forwarding my ticket to the right person - and despite two follow-up emails from me, I have heard nothing.

It's a bit frustrating ... my status has been 'pending' for 12 days with neither an approval, rejection, or request for more information ...

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@Marc Stridgen ... just as a FYI update: As of today, the status of my API key request on the GIPHY developers site is still 'pending.' It has had that status since I applied for the key on April 5 (2.5 weeks ago).

I sent an email to their support team on April 11, and was informed via email that they were forwarding my request to the "appropriate" individual. I have not heard anything from GIPHY since that time, even though I sent follow-up emails on April 14 and April 17.

While I know this is not a technical issue with Invision (thus I have not submitted a ticket), if you have any direct contacts to explore what the issue might be, it would certainly be appreciated.

If anyone else reading this has insights, I'd love to hear you ideas!

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@Matt @Marc Stridgen @Dean_ ...

I sent another follow-up email to GIPHY support this morning, and lo-and-behold ... they approved the key!

They did ask that I send them a video post-approval, but they approved the key without the video in hand first.

So, no pun intended - some persistence may be key if you get stalled ...

With the key approved, setup on Invision took about 90 seconds, including placing the control on the editor where I wanted it ...

excited jon stewart GIF

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