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Page availability in certain situations

Furkan A.

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i am currently working on an imprint application, so i have to make sure that the imprint page is always available no matter if the player is not verified, banned or anything else.

I only found 2 approaches (which are both not really good):

  1. Hook into Application::allowOfflineAccess & Application::allowGuestAccess
    • Page is not available if:
    • Member and/or IP is banned
    • Member must confirm e-mail / be confirmed by admin
    • Member must confirm privacy policy/terms of use
    • IPS is updated (not so important)
  2. Hook into Front::init and implement an own display system for my own application and run parent::init for the other applications
    • Works, but i have to use/copy the same display system as the original Front::init and that's not allowed by IPS for copyright reasons
    • In addition I have ~140 lines of code identical to the parent


Additionally i found out that the privacy policy is not available when the site is marked as offline in the admin area. Is that right?

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Privacy policy - I guess it could be debated either way, but that's the way the code is set up for now yes.

As for your original question, hook in to \IPS\cms\Application::allowGuestAccess to allow access to anyone, even if they're a guest and otherwise couldn't access, however a member that is banned will still not be able to access. Banning typically means they can't access, period.

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