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Why do updates toast CKEditor layouts?


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I have no idea why CKEditor was very recently updated with IPS again, but I just realised I lost all my custom buttons and toolbar setups.

I know some people here will say it's my fault for customising (not that there were many), but it eludes me why it had to be updated again so soon.

[Grumbles about IPS needing an editor button managment system...]

EDIT: Ok, it seems as if the CKEditor version is listed as the same in the Add Button screen....but the last update toasted my editor button configuration (not only custom buttons but also my toolbar layout) and I have no. idea. why. 😲


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Well, I just recreated my button configuration so this time around I don't see a point.  But it does appear as if something at least resets the CKEditor to its default configuration not only with stated editor updates (which I understand), but with other updates.  I guess I'll just keep an eye on it next update and submit a ticket if it happens again.

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